Sunday, March 5, 2017

Daddy daughter trip

So last Christmas I gave Dad a trip with just me and him- we were going to Harry Potter World (and Disney)!!!! I had been twice without him and I knew he really wanted to go so I talked to Justin and made sure he would take care of the farm and mom and asked if I could steal dad for a long weekend and I planned away!   I was lucky enough to get off Friday and Monday. We had a super early flight 7:40 am so wake up time at 4- feed the critters and then dad picked me up at 5!!!

We landed after 9 and went straight to the hotel. We dropped our bags changed into shorts and headed to the parks! We started at Epcot for no other reason that the bus dropped us off there!! Our trip started wonderfully there, we had old tickets from 2002 and there was still a day on there and it never cool! Dad had never done Mission: Space and I drug him there straight away! It's a really cool ride it makes you feel like you are taking off in a spaceship!! He loved it and it was a great way to start the day! 

Then we went on to test track which they changed a ton since I went on it- you now design your own car (but we didn't have time because the line was so short) then the ride tests your designed car against the other cars people designed riding with you and the best car gets a prize at the end. 

We both remembered figment from when I was a kid but that one was totally different now too. I love that they continue the same rides and characters but upgrade frequently to keep it new and different. We took a break and went into the Land and did Soarin- I never did this ride because the wait times are always stupid long. But the nice thing is there are trivia questions while you wait to make it not seem so long. That was a really awesome ride. You are sitting it what feels like a hang glider and it then puts you right up against a huge screen- you fly around the world - they even change the scent when you go certain places! They do such a. Good job! While e were there we took the boat ride through their greenhouses. Every time I eat salad now in Disney I wonder if it was grown there! 

We then headed over to magic kingdom on the monorail!

You always forget how many kids there are but we passed the castle and kept walking to the Snow White mining ride. Since I have never ridden it (it's always too long because it has always been new every other time I went) we decided a 90 minute wait was doable. During the wait I introduced dad to Snapchat :) 

After that we decided we were stinking tired and headed back. After catching the bus back we decided we wanted to get some good dinner. Luckily our hotel is within walking distance to some great restaurants. We walked down there with dad smoking his cigar and met a guy that worked at the restaurant half Spanish and half Italian and said it was the best food. So we are there! And low and behold our waiters name was Heinz...and he was German....from way! So we chatted and had just about the best veal Marsala dad and I ever had. We split it and still had no room for dessert. Such a great first day!!!'

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